Matthew Patel

Matthew Patel
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Matthew Patel
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Relationship Unknown
Ex's Ramona Flowers
First Introduced Volume 1


[edit] Biography

Matthew Patel is the first of Ramona Flowers' Evil Ex Boyfriends. He is of Indian descent and was, at his time of dating Ramona, somewhat overweight. He and Ramona only dated for just over a week, during which time he helped her to fend off the vast numbers of jocks that were interested in her. They only kissed once, and the relationship ended swiftly after that. Matthew's turn to the side of evil apparently happened whilst at High School, but by that time, he had moved far away from Ramona.

Matthew's fight against Scott does not last long at all. Even though he has mystical powers, launching fireballs and summoning his Demon Hipster Chicks, he is defeated by Scott relatively quickly, leaving behind $2.10 Canadian. His swift defeat may well be due to the fact that he is the "first boss" on Scott's quest to defeat the League, so he is therefore the weakest, allowing Scott something of a progressive challenge, as the exes progress.

[edit] Character Development

[edit] Volume 1

Matthew as $2.10

[edit] Character Inspiration

Matthew Patel was inspired by an acquaintance of Bryan Lee O'Malley who dated two Matthews. His last name was derived from Harsh Patel, a designer who created a font used in the books for the large titles such as "So Yeah". The font was given to Bryan for free because "we were both Sloan fans", he says.

Visually, Matthew Patel is based off of a guy Bryan once saw on a train, and he's Indian because his name is Patel. The original look was going to be something more Bollywood but was toned down for the book.[1]

[edit] Notes

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