Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life.jpg
Volume 1
Written By Bryan Lee O'Malley
Publisher Oni Press
Publication Date July 2004
ISBN 9781932664089

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life is the first volume or installment of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. It was published in 2004.


[edit] Plot

[edit] Part 1 - Dating a Highschooler

The story starts off with the introduction of our protagonist, Scott Pilgrim. Scott is having a conversation with his friends Stephen Stills, Kim Pine and Neil Nordegraf on the topic of Scott having a new girlfriend, Knives Chau, who happens to be a 17 year old high-school student.

Scott explains how he met Knives while on the #24 bus. Knives mother is trying to set her up with a respectable boy named Sherman, who Knives has absolutely no interest in. During their conversation Knives drops her bag of books; titles such as "Very Complex Math", "Tricky Stuff Pt 2", "How To Study Hard" and "How To Study Even Harder". While picking her books up, Scott introduces himself to her by helping her. Scott's friends aren't completely impressed with his story on how the two met.

We're introduced to Wallace Wells, Scott's roommate. The belongings in Scott and Wallace's apartment are labelled and you can tell that Scott doesn't really own a whole lot. In fact, he's even wearing Wallace's socks. It's very subtle but we learn that there's only one futon in the apartment and the two sleep together.

On the next day (or something) Scott takes Knives to his band, Sex Bob-Omb's, practices. They play one song which Scott refers to as "Launchpad McQuack", corrected by Stephen Stills that it's not the songs actual name.

Guitar Chords:
Chord G.gif Chord C.gif Chord Em.gif
4/4 rock, hard, fast, sloppy


can't be sure
but I think I heard you
crawl thru the door
didn't say a word
and I think you tried to go to bed but instead you went to floor
you've been out drinking with the other boys again
telling them no we are only friends
making out and making noise
oh stop pretending
that this isn't really ending
and I will stop resenting you when you stop resenting me
oh oh oh
waited up late
a bit too late
until you
finally came in
where do I end
and where do you begin?
you've been out partying with guys I've never met
drinking beer and smoking cigarettes killing brain cells and killing me
oh stop pretending
that this isn't really ending
and I will stop resenting you when you stop resenting me
why don't you stop pretending
that this game is never-ending
and I will stop resenting you when you stop resenting stop resenting stop resenting stop resenting me

After hearing them play, Knives has stars in her eyes and is completely blown away by their performance.

Later that night, Scott is woken up by a phone call from his younger sister, Stacey Pilgrim who heard about his high-school girlfriend from Wallace. We find out through their conversation that their parents are travelling in Europe and that Scott has an Ex.

There's some filler with Scott hanging out with Knives; nothing too important but you do get to see what Scott's old house looks like.

Dream sequence! Scott has a dream: He's alone in a desert, a silhouette in the distance. As the person gets closer we see it's a girl on roller blades. They have a quick conversation and Scott wakes up.

[edit] Part 2 - Do You Know Her?

During lunch at Nippon Sushi with Wallace and Other Scott, Scott tries to talk about his dream, Other Scott's not interested. Cut to the library where Scott is helping out Knives. While coming down the stairs Scott notices a girl in rollerblades, the girl from his dream. Knives totally catches Scott looking at her and doesn't seem too impressed. From that point on, for the rest of the day Scott's in a daze and can't even play during band practice. Dream sequence! Scott's playing on stage with his band and again he sees the girl that was rollerblading in the desert in his previous dream.

Scott and gang head to a party at Julie's where he learns that the girl from his dreams might be called Ramona and she might be at the party. Scott goes hunting for her and soon enough spots her leaning up against a wall by herself.

[edit] Part 3 - This One Girl...

After finding Ramona, he strikes up a conversation by talking about her shoes (which she got in England). After making an awkward comment he leaves her alone to talk to Julie where he finds out that her name is Ramona Flowers, she works for and used to live in New York, and mention of a potential Ex boyfriend, Gideon. Fast forward to later that night, Wallace is drunk and home, waking Scott up they talk about his encounter with the dream girl and her shoes.

The next morning Scott orders a couple CD's from and sits in front of the door eagerly awaiting the delivery.

Scott awaits his package

Conversation with Wallace

Wallace: Scott?
Scott: Yeah?
Wallace: Are you waiting for the package you just ordered?
Scott: No.
Scott: Maybe.

The door bell rings and to Scott's disappointment, it's actually Knives, who reminds him that they had a date planned for that day. After the date the two walk to the bus stop together, this is when Knives surprises Scott with a full on lip kiss; shocked, Scott runs away.

Dream sequence! Scott sees Ramona in a school with his package that he had ordered. You can clearly see his address:

Scott W. Pilgrim
27 Albert Ave
Toronto, On M6G 2B2

Google Maps of 27 Albert Ave (it exists)

[edit] Part 4 - Ramona Come Closer

The door bell rings and this time it is Ramona with the CD's from (hurray!) after having three dreams, Scott is very persistent, trying to get Ramona to say yes to hanging out; Ramona agrees.

That night while hanging out in the park it starts to snow. The two head back to Ramona's place. The two are cold and wet from the snow, Ramona makes tea for both of them and goes off to get Scott a blanket. Seemingly it takes a while so Scott heads off to look for her and finds her changing in her room. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping with each other, literally, just sleeping! This is fine with Scott, he wasn't expecting sex, he likes "whatever it is" at that moment.

When Scott gets home in the morning there's a letter waiting for him from Matthew Patel since he received no response to his previous email. It doesn't seem too interesting so it's tossed aside.

[edit] Part 5 - Everything's Starting To Get Complicated

At the band's live gig with Crash and the Boys, Knives is all over Scott, who, doesn't seem to appreciate it at all, being into Ramona and such. This is where we're introduced to Crash and the Boys' band members

Once everyone starts arriving we're introduced to more characters

again, Knives is all over Scott but this time Ramona walks in. Not knowing what to do, Scott runs backstage.

Wallace gets his own song

Crash and the Boys are up first and after playing a couple songs they finish off with a song that completely knocks out the entire crowd (for about 20-30 mins). When the Sex Bob-omb's get on stage the crowd is still KO'ed which doesn't really matter as their performance is interrupted by Matthew Patel who is ready to fight Scott. Unbeknown to Matthew, Scott is no pushover, he's the best fighter in the province. Landing a 64 hit air combo, Scott's best record yet.

While fighting the two strike up a conversation where Scott inquires about Matthew and Ramona's past relationship. Not wanting to go into details himself, Ramona fills us in on their back story. Disgruntled that she told Scott, Matthew unleashes his supernatural power that summons Demon Hipster Chicks to his aide. Unfortunately for him, this is not a problem for Scott and gang. After being defeated by a single punch, Matthew turns into $2.10 (two loonies and a dime).

Ramona and Scott head out to take the subway. We find out that Ramona has seven evil ex boyfriends that Scott has to defeat. Not having to fight them all at the same time, he's cool with that and it's settled that the two are dating.

[edit] Pop-culture References

  • Launchpad McQuack refers to a character from Disney's Duck Tails
  • Trainspotting is a movie made in 1996
  • Sex Bob-omb is a reference to both the 1970s rock band Sex Pistols and Bob-ombs, which are walking bomb enemies of the Super Mario series.
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