Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness

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Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness
Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness.jpg
Volume 3
Written By Bryan Lee O'Malley
Publisher Oni Press
Publication Date May 2006
ISBN 193266422X

Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness is the third volume or installment of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. It was published in 2006.


[edit] Plot

[edit] Part 12 - I Envy You

This volume opens up where the last volume ended - Envy Adams, Scott's ex-girlfriend and Todd Ingram, Ramona's ex-girlfriend are both dating each other, to Scott's dismay. The show is over, and Scott and friends are hanging out when Scott notices a glowy thing by the door.
Todd displays psychic powers
When he asks everyone what it is, Stephen tells Scott that he thinks it's a save point. Kim confirms this. Scott dashes over to save, but is interrupted by a girl who works there. She inquires about why they are there seeing as they're closed, but The Clash At Demonhead step in and invite them backstage.

Backstage, the atmosphere is incredibly awkward. Knives attempts to talk to Envy but it completely ignored. Julie Powers attempts to strike up a conversation with Envy, purely because she's famous. Knives, annoyed that she's being ignored yells out, "I've kissed the lips that kissed you!!!" Lynette Guycott, the drummer of The Clash At Demonhead springs into action at the nod of Envy, revealing a bionic arm. She punches the highlights straight out of Knives' hair. Literally.

Envy picks at Ramona. Scott leaps out of seat and yells, "You'll pay for your crimes against humanity!!!" and launches his fist toward Todd. Todd's eyes glow and his hair stands on end and he appears to display psychic powers as he strangles Scott and throws him through the wall.

[edit] Part 13 - It's Only Divine Right

Scott flashes back to College, when Envy and him were dating and recalls that she was nice. Scott gets angry and attempts to kick Todd but Todd simply throws him into the sky. Todd has psychic abilities because he is a vegan.

More flashbacks to when Envy (Natalie, back then) and Scott were dating, and how she sold all her anime and toys and asked to be called Envy. Back in the present, it starts raining so they call it a night. Ramona and Scott head across the street to a pizzeria where they find Wallace Williams and we meet Other Scott for the first time. We discover that Stephen is dating a European named Mobile. Wallace tells Scott that he's bringing over Mobile, and that Scott will have to stay at Ramona's flat. Her hair glows seeing as she is nervous, but gives in.

He stays the night there, and wakes up early Saturday morning, 7.31, and goes home.

[edit] Part 14 - About to e-x-p-l-o-d-e

However, Scott had forgotten that he had given his keys to Wallace. He falls asleep standing upright with his face on the front-door. Wallace arrives from taking Mobile to the bus-stop and wakes Scott up. Wallace tells Scott he's show him a trick Mobile showed him last night, to Scott's horror. Fortunately, it wasn't that sort of trick - It's the ability to flick all the water off yourself. Mobile is psychic.

Envy fails at Bomberman
Todd and Scott start to go insane

Scott flashes back the the four friends in college playing Bomberman. Envy loses and leaves in a huff, and the gang tell Scott that he should break up with a.s.a.p. Back to the present and Scott tells Wallace that everything sucks. He makes a point that bacon is being fried, thus everything does not suck. In another flashback, it is explained how Wallace and Scott met: He sat next to Scott in class, was let into his house while Scott was playing video-games and asks for lemonade (reminiscent of Kim), and got drunk together.

Saturday. 1:00pm at Honest Ed's. The challenge is that Scott and Todd must enter Honest Ed's and survive and come out the other end. And kill each other and stuff. They both enter, the irony is that it isn't actually physically dangerous: everything is at a low price and there's lots of stuff to buy. Todd makes a gun out of household items and Scott is wearing wraparound sunglasses, hockey gloves and a bike helmet. All of a sudden Todd drops to the ground and flashbacks to his father telling him he doesn't have the willpower to become a vegan, and images of him cheating on Envy with Lynette. Todd's vegan powers erupt and Honest Ed's implodes.

[edit] Part 15 - Bad Old Days

The band practices and Kim says she has a hot date. Later on, on Saturday night, Scott and Ramona are heading to a Sushi restaurant. Ramona is still damp from the rain, so Scott tries to replicate Wallace's trick to become dry. Instead, Ramona tells him that if he needs to go, there's a toilet at the sushi place. The eat sushi (Scott eats Salmon Ikura Don, specifically) and Scott says he'll be paying with Wallace's credit card, to Ramona's shock. He explains that they have an understanding, although Ramona says that Wallance understands that Scott is a freeloader.

They head to Ramona's apartment, where Ramona keeps picturing Envy's face and getting turned off. Ramona explains the situation with Todd: He had trouble at home which prompted him to become a vegan. He disappeared for two weeks, showed up again and blew a hole in the moon. What follows, according to Ramona, is 30 pages of explosions and tidal waves. He went to the vegan academy for college. When Ramona is asked about where she went to college, she claims she went to the university of Carolina in the sky. A floating college in the sky tethered to the mountain via a chain. Scott begins to explain Envy's weakness, but Ramona interrupts him. She asks him about Kim, his explanation of how they met is boring and Ramona is unimpressed. Scott makes up a story about fighting seven-foot-tall dude with 97 guys to get to her. She tells him to shut up, and they go to sleep. Meanwhile, Knives is sitting on a LC Building (a reference to the electronic brand "LG") by herself, crying.

[edit] Part 16 - Frail and Bedazzled

Todd secretly eats Gelato, a food against his vega beliefs

Sunday noonish, The Clash at Demonhead are at a restaurant. Todd orders a gelato, which isn't vegan seeing as it contains milk and egg. Envy doesn't know what gelato is and goes to the bathroom. Lynette and Todd make-out.

Sunday 2pm. Ramona comes over to Scott and Wallace's flat with a new hair color. They're shocked, but Ramona tells them they should get used to it seeing as he changes her hair color every three weeks. Scott complains that Ramona got a haircut when he himself needs one. Thus, Ramona cuts Scott's hair for him. She asks what Envy's real name is, which is Natalie.

Sunday 5.30pm and Scott's hair is shorter. Scott explains to Kim that the band before Sex Bob-omb was Kid Chameleon (a reference to the Sega Genesis game of the same name released in 1992), which included Envy. Envy started making changes, which explains why Scott plays bass. Envy had started smoking. The band was getting big, too big for Scott's liking.

Back in the present, at Lee's Palace, Stephen is throwing up in the bathroom. Scott runs into Wallace, Stacey Pilgrim and Michael Comeau. Michael, who knows everyone including you, has a magic ring which he claims to have gotten from the future. They're at the Lee's Palace to open for The Crash at Demonhead. At that point, Crash And The Boys play on stage. Oddly, they have no instruments.

Scott goes outside and runs into Envy. She asks if they could talk like normal people, but he asks if they'd ever spoken like normal people. Scott sees Knives sitting in the corner of the alley and talks to her. Scott apologizes for the way he treated her, she asks if they could get back together but he declines. Meanwhile, the band see Todd making out with Lynette. Stephen gets back from throwing up and wonders why Crash And The Boys aren't playing instruments, and wonders where all the amazing music is coming from. Kim suggests that it's magic.

Ramona and Envy talk about Scott, that they have the same taste in music. Envy says she played a gig in the Chaos Theatre, which Ramona freezes at. Envy mentions Gidgeon, and Ramona pulls a giant hammer out of her subspace suitcase (Large Hammer. +2 against girls). Ramona swings her hammer at Envy, and Envy deflects with her foot. The fight has begun.

[edit] Part 17 - The Infinite Sadness

Ramona extracts her weapon of choice from her subspace bag

Unfortunately, everyone is rooting for Envy (besides Wallace and friends) seeing as Envy is famous. Wallace tells her to hit Envy in the face, but is thoroughly disappointed when she only clobbers her. Envy takes her hammer and is about to hit her with it, when Knives karate-kicks the hammer out of her hand, though she flies into a wall in the process. At the same time, Sex Bob-omb appear on stage in suits (although Kim is in a gothic lolita dress). Scott sees that Envy is about to squish Ramona with her own hammer and flashes back. Envy and Scott are in bed when she gets a phonecall from a guy called Jacob, the answering-machine comes on, which brings the question to Scott whether she's cheating on him. Envy told Scott that the band is out of his hands and for him to get a haircut. Scott got a haircut, but on New Years Eve she told him to get out of his life.

Scott snaps back to reality, and flies toward Envy, stopping her by touching the back of her knee, her weak point. Envy tells Todd to kill him, but of course he's out the back making out with Lynette. Ramona tells Envy that Todd is cheating on her with their drummer, Lynette. Envy explains why Todd loves her, although her story is identical to Ramona's, making a hole in the moon and all.

Todd arrives with Lynette, and Lynette's panties on his head. Envy attempts to hit Todd with the hammer but Todd deflects it with his vegan psychic powers. Envy kicks Todd in the crotch, someone in the crowd is surprised that Todd's weakness is his nuts. Todd flings Envy into a wall, the crowd is shocked that he'd hit a girl. Scott hits Todd across the face with his guitar, saying that it's about time to end this volume.

[edit] Part 18 - Destroy All Vegans

Scott Pilgrim gets a life

Bass Battle: Fight!! Todd starts off with an incredible bass solo, and hits Scott with his psychic powers. Crash And The Boys appear to even the odds. They explain that they had rehearsed so much that they all obtained the ability to manipulate pure sound waves through hard work and willpower alone. Todd attempts to use his powers to on the Boys, but they hold it back. They reverse it and Scott travels down it but Todd's bass power is too high, they all get tossed aside.

Suddenly, two men yell freeze, it's the vegan police. They say that he's under arrest for veganity violation. They have record that at 12.27 he knowingly consumed a restricted item: the gelato. No vegan, no vegan powers. Todd attempts to dodge the de-veganizing ray, but he couldn't. Without his powers, Todd is normal. Scott reared back and headbutted him so hard he disintegrated, leaving behind a pile of coins and an extra life (1-up).

Sex Bob-omb play their gig, while a mysterious man in glasses when asked about the events of tonight says, "no comment." He turns and leaves.

The mysteryman is:


[edit] Part 18a - Before You Leave

Envy and Scott have one last conversation in the rain. They consider hugging, but she takes the taxi to the airport and leaves for good. The sun comes out.

Scott has four Evil Ex-Boyfriends to go.

[edit] Pop-culture References

• Book title's is a reference to the Smashing Pumpkins Album 'Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" •One of the chapters name, "Destroy all vegans", is possibly a nod to the videogame "Destroy All Humans"

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