Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

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Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together.jpg
Volume 4
Written By Bryan Lee O'Malley
Publisher Oni Press
Publication Date November 2007
ISBN 1932664492

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together is the fourth volume or installment of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. It was published in 2007.


[edit] Plot

[edit] Part 19 - Two Months Off

Reference to Sonic the Hedgehog title screen

The volume opens on the beach, with a familiar image: a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog. Ramona Flowers' hair is blue like Sonic's and Scott Pilgrim has hair like Tails. The couple make-out and Kim Pine and Julie Powers are disgusted, so Julie throws a volleyball at Scott's head, knocking him out. Stephen Stills asks the gang what they want for dinner on the way home. Scott demands Licks Burger, but Julie interrupts and says that it's her birthday so she can choose what she wants. She wants Licks Burger.

Ramona and Scott sit together, Scott eating a burger. She asks how his burger is, he asks if she wants a bite to which she replies she's a vegetarian. She ate a chicken shawarma two hours ago. It's revealed that this is two months after he headbutted Todd Ingram and he wonders where the last three exes are.

Knives Chau, Young Neil, Stephen, Kim, Julie, Scott and Ramona sit around a camp fire and sing a song for Julie though only one line is heard:

Kim and Knives make-out
This is so excruciating I'm so sick of all your hating

Which fits Julie perfectly. Knives is clearly drunk, and ramble about the tenderness of the song. Julie questions whether they should be letting her drink beer. They play another song (unheard) and they head back to Julie's Aunt's house.

Kim and Knives are missing, so Scott goes to look around the house for them. He hears noises and finds them in another room drunkenly making out. Scott is shocked and runs away. When he asked if he found them, he says that they must've gone home.

August. Scott and Wallace Wells are shopping for food. At the checkout, Scott claims that they forgot mayo. Wallace says they already have mayo, but Scott wants the French stuff with garlic in it (he could be referring to Aioli) but Wallace tells Scott that they can't afford extra mayo and draws Scotts attention to the "great" stuff they're already getting, we see the receipt:


RAMEN NOODLE     1 @ .69/EA
WNDR BREAD     1.99
CHEAP PASTA     6 @ .79/EA
BUTTER     2.99
DIET COLA     2 @ 1.49/EA
MAC & CHEESE     3 @ .99/EA
BROCCOLI     1.49

Stephen discovers that Joseph has a studio

On the way home, Wallace tells Scott that they need to see their landlord, Peter. Scott says the landlord scares him. Wallace says that he's a little intimidating because he controls their destiny. Back home, Wallace finds that they are out of mayo. Wallace makes margaritas. Wallace asks Scott if he's used the "L-word" yet. Confused, Scott whispers, "You mean... Lesbian?" Wallace says no, he was referring to love. Scott hasn't yet.

Moving day, and Kim is moving in with Holie and Joseph. Scott and Stephen help her move in. Upstairs, it turns out that Joseph has a recording studio. Stephen begs him to record Sex Bob-omb's album. He says he's do it because he finds Stephen attractive.

Back at Ramona's apartment, Scott mentions that Ramona hasn't done anything crazy with her hair in about a month and a half. Ramona asks Scott why he likes her, he thinks it's because she's hot and mysterious, but Ramona fumes and asks how old she is. Scott doesn't know. She tells him he could just ask, and so he does. She says that she's not telling.

Early in the morning, Scott gets woken up by a phone call from Wallace. Wallace tells him to get out of bed and that he has to get to an air-conditioned place lest he die. Scott notices that he's drenched in sweat.

[edit] Part 20 - The New Hotness

Scott has no cash, his thirst bar is decreasing

The Dufferin Mall (not a particularly exciting mall). Scott's sitting on a bench, and his thirst-bar slowly decreases. He looks in his pocket for cash. His cash bar appears and is completely empty. A girl appears, and glomps Scott. He has no idea who she is. She mentions her name, Lisa Miller and he remembers back to high school when he met her after getting in a fight. She asks if he comes here often, but he says no. She came here to get out of the heat but she can't say long because of all the slutty teenagers. Scott glances down at Lisa's slutty short skirt. Scott mentions she has a girlfriend and is still in touch with Kim. Lisa mentions she is a credit card maniac and doesn't have a job. They go to the food court to get food. Scott tells Lisa that they have a band now, and that she should come to practice. Lisa gives Scott her cell-phone number. She asks Ramona's age. Embarrassed, he doesn't know.

Later on. Scott is sweating in his chair, Wallace arrives and drinks a glass of water in front of him, to Scott's despair. At the Chau residence (air-conditioned) Knives is hanging out with Tamara Chen, Knives' only friend. We learn that Knives has broken up with Young Neil again. Knives says she'll love Scott forever, but Tamara asks why she slashed his face on her shrine. Knives has no idea who did it.

Scott dreams about The Legend of Zelda

The next day. Lisa and Scott head to Stephen's house for band practice. They find no one there except Young Neil's voice. He's being a dick, and Scott says it isn't like him. He says he's now dead (in a video-game, obviously) and Lisa says they should leave. They go to Kim's house and only Stephen and Joseph are there, Kim had left for Sneaky Dees because they thought Stephen and Joseph were boring. Joseph tells Stephen to tell them that they're busy making magic. Scott tells Lisa that he forgot to mention that his friends are retarded douchebags.

At Sneaky Dees, Kim and Lisa catch up while Scott eats nachos. Ramona arrives, Lisa introduces herself and Lisa mentions that she went to high school with them. She was also the town slut, on a crappy Canadian TV show. We learn that Kim will be going to the States to become a star and follow her acting career. Afterwards, Scott and Ramona walk home. Scott asks Ramona if she ever kissed a girl. She said yes, and Scott shivers with delight. Ramona calls him a dork.

At night, Scott has a dream. A forest elf asks him if he knows the code. He tells the elf to shut up and says he'll learn the secrets the old-fashioned way. He's dreaming of The Legend of Zelda. Ramona appears, and says that this is the lamest dream she's found him in. Scott tells her to stop invading his dreams, it's embarrassing. She tells him that she thinks he should get a job. Scott is then woken up by a phone-call.

[edit] Part 21 - Getting It Together

Mysterious man attacks Scott

The phone-call is from Wallace, who tells Scott that they should go see their landlord tomorrow. Scott asks if there are any jobs at Wallace's work. Wallace asks Scott if he even knows where he works, Scott pauses, says he has to go and hangs up. Scott heads outside, Knives is outside his house, she says she isn't stalking him and he tells her not to worry about it. A mysterious man is behind Knives, hiding behind a wall. We see Scott leaving, and when the scene switches back to Knives, the man is gone.

At the St. Clair Second Cup Coffee Shop, Scott runs into Kim who asks what's happening tonight. Scott says they're practising, then going to Sneaky Dee's. He approaches his sister, [[Stacey Pilgrim], who he begins to ask her to make him a free iced latte, but she's way ahead of him. He asks her if they're hiring. She asks if he wants to work here and he replies saying he has to go.

Scott gets a job

No-Account Video, Annex, Scott approaches Kim for a job. He realizes it'd be stupid asking for a job, seeing as he's unprepared, owe a ton of late fees and has no resume. Kim mentions that the restaurant where Stephen Stills works is hiring. They have a dish-washer opening.

Kim and Scott head to The Happy Avocado, the vegetarian restaurant where Stephen works. Scott makes a video-game reference (So it's more or less like a video-game? Like a "job system"?), and Kim smacks him across the head. Scott says he can do it if he has the chance. Stephen looks over at Dominique the day manager, and Crystal the blender jockey, who tells Scott to come in tomorrow at 11am. Scott has the job and thus gains +500 EXP.

On the way back, Kim notices a man across the road with a samurai sword. Scott asks whether it's a katana or wakizashi or both. They look over and Kim says she thinks he went behind the streetcar.

All of a sudden, the man slices the streetcar in half with one chop. Kim asks if he'll fight the man, but Scott says he's got a sword. Scott ponders whether it's one of Ramona's ex-boyfriends but Kim thinks he's kind of old. They're both backed up against a door, when Scott turns the handle and they fall into subspace, coming out somewhere else. They both part ways.

Scott arrives home to find two friends of Wallace. Wallace asks if he wants a cocktail, to which he replies that he doesn't drink. When asked by one of Wallace's friends if it's a moral high ground thing, Wallace says that it's because he's a pussy. Wallace asks if Scott will come out dancing with them, and Scott asks Wallace why he's not wearing pants. Scott calls Ramona.

And so. Ramona and Scott go out. Ramona thinks that Canada shouldn't be this hot, to which Scott replies that she probably thought they all lived in Igloos (a Canadian stereotype). Ramona wonders why Scott is wearing wrist-bands seeing as they make you sweat. He says they keep him cool until he realizes he's sweating. After taking them off he agrees that it's much better.

At Stephen Stills house, Scott wonders why they don't jam there. It's because the drums are at Kim's and it's a hassle to lug them back and forth. And so they head to Kim's to record - Neil can't come because he has an exam. In the studio (which is actually just Joseph's bedroom), Stephen Stills plays and Joseph finds it awful. Scott says they should give them some space. The group head to Sneaky Dee's.

Scott drains his pee bar

Ramona asks if they're coming here every night now. Lisa wants to smoke, Ramona says she'll join her. Scott is disgusted and thought Ramona quit. He knows they'll talk about him. Kim thinks Ramona will see the error of her ways, and dump Scott. Knives appears, though Scott wonders how she got in seeing as she's 17. Stephen vouched for her to get her in. Kim asks Scott if he had told Ramona he now has a job, but he had forgotten and that maybe she'd stop hating him if she knew. Knives looks excited at the prospect that Ramona hates him, but Kim says everyone hates Scott. Knives still totally loves Scott, of course.

Scott goes to the toilet, and drains his pee bar. When he gets back, he finds Julie raging at Stephen as to why Knives is there. On the way home, Ramona says Lisa isn't so bad. We learn that all of Scott's friends were girls, which explains why he's such a sensitive boy. At Scott's flat, Wallace is drunk in the armchair. He pre-drank too much and fell asleep before they even went out dancing. Scott asks Ramona is they wanna make out, but the pantsless gay man isn't bringing the romance. Before Wallace falls asleep, he tells Scott that they have to get up early.

[edit] Part 22 - Comes a Time

Scott and Wallace are told to leave

Financial District, 8.47am. Scott and Wallace are in an elevator which is nicer than their apartment. They're both on their way to see Peter, their scary landlord, about their rent which they can't afford. Scott has a silly look on his face, he likes elevators. In Peter's office, Peter tells the pair that despite their landlord-tenant relationship being strained, they have finally caught up on rent seeing as they paid first and last up front and this is their last month. If they want to stay it's month-by-month, or else they have to be out by the 27th. Scott says that's his birthday, excitedly. Peter asks if August 27th is his birthday and Scott says, "oh... no." After an awkward silence, Peter tells them to get out of his office. Wallace and Scott part ways at the bottom and Scott heads for work.

Scott stands outside The Happy Avocado, his new work, with a determined expression on his face. He enters. One million hours later, Scott exhaustedly makes his way home. On the way, a swift shadow zooms under him. Scott jumps and dodges several times. He crouches down, prepared and uppercuts. POINK. It's slightly chubby blonde girl in a ninja outfit, and Scott just punched her in the boob. He has no idea who she is, to which she replies, "that's funny Scott, because everyone always remembers you don't they?" She disappears in a puff of smoke to a confused Scott. Scott heads home. Scott enters his apartment, Wallace is not home. He has a shower and attempts to call Ramona but simply gets the answering machine.

Scott punches the half-ninja in the boob

Anyway. In Joseph's room, the band are recording. Scott requests to hear what it sounds like so far. Two minutes and fifty-four seconds later, Scott says that he likes this song and asks who it is. Stephen frustratedly tells Scott that it's their band. Afterwards, across the hall, Scott just finishes talking on the phone with Ramona, in Kim's room. Scott tells her that Ramona is staying home and that he told Ramona about the girl who attacked him but she didn't seem worried. Kim asks if he asked her about the guy with the samurai sword or told her that he has a job. Scott had done neither, is crushed and asks if he should call her back.

At Sneaky Dee's, Stephen is asked where Julie is. He doesn't know, and says she hates him. He asks where Ramona is, to which he replies that she is at home and she likes him very much. Joseph asks Scott if he's used the L-word yet. Scott asks why everyone is obsessed with lesbians. Julie tells him that he means the other L-word. Scott thinks, "L is for... Lisa?" Lisa tells him to forget these jerks, they both leave together. She asks him if he wants a puff, he declines because he doesn't smoke. Lisa asks him if it's a moral high-ground thing or whether he's a pussy. Scott tells her that smoking is evil. Lisa asks him how Ramona is, and whether it's a bad sign. Scott replies that she's allowed. Lisa sheepishly asks if he wants a puff again, though Scott declines. With sparkly eyes, Lisa mentions their past and how they never went for it, but Scott tells her she's drunk. She passes out on him.

At home, Scott and Wallace are lying in bed. Wallace asks if he likes it, to which he replies that it has mice, the bathroom is scary and Wallace kicks and snores like a jackhammer. Wallace asks how things are between him and Ramona. Scott says that he thinks things are good, her head flashes less lately. Wallace asks him if he's considered moving in with her, but if it's out of the question he shouldn't worry about it. They have to make their minds up by the 27th. Scott thinks it's his birthday then. Wallace tells him that it isn't.

Stephen Stills and Scott are walking together, when all of a sudden Scott says, "oh my god hide me! It's that guy!" Confused, Stephen looks back only to find that Scott had vanished. At that moment, the mysterious samurai from earlier walks past. In the kitchen at The Happy Avocado, Stephen mentions that he's seen that guy before, that he brings his family here to have dinner once in awhile. Scott looks out the window, and has a totally serviceable view of the restaurant. Scott suddenly yells out, "oh my god!!!" Stephen asks what's up and whether it's the samurai guy again. It's not, it's the chubby blonde ninja who attacked Scott the other night.

Scott finally understands

Joining Ramona and the girls conversation, already in progress: Clearly the two are discussing Scott and his association with Lisa. Scott suddenly appears at their table, saying, "JUST WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???" loudly. Ramona tells him that they're on lunch break. Scott asks who the girl is, her name is Roxanne Richter and she's surprised by Ramona that she didn't even mention her. Ramona explains that they were roommates in college, and asks Scott if he works in the restaurant. Scott tells Ramona that Roxanne was the one who attacked him. Roxanne claims to be half-ninja. Scott asks who she is, if she's dating one of her evil-ex-boyfriends. Ramona corrects him by saying, "evil-exes." Scott is confused, Roxanne is surprised and says, "you mean he doesn't know?" Scott is still confused, but is brain cracks open and a bird cheeps as he suddenly realizes that Roxanne Richter is in fact the 4th evil ex-boyfriend (though Roxanne breaks the fourth wall, saying that she is not a boy to the title). Scott is shocked, though Ramona tells him it was just a phase. A sexy phase, Scott calls it. Scott needs to go to the bathroom, and Ramona tells him to shut up and asks if he's going to fight her. Sheepishly, Scott replies that she has a sword. Ramona unzips her subspace bag and tells him to get in. Scott steps in, and hands her a baseball bat (+1 against blondes). Disgusted, Roxanne asks why she's taking Scott's side, seeing as he is cheating on her. Ramona tells her to shut her face. Scott asks if there's a bathroom in the bag.

[edit] Part 23 - You Got Me Running

Skating away from Roxanne, Ramona tells her to leave Scott alone seeing as he doesn't have a sword yet. Scott says, "yet?" while Ramona searches for a subspace door. They shoot through with Ramona's hands-free sub-trac card (for hands-free entry). She assumes Roxanne wouldn't have one because she'd be too cheap. However, Roxanne appears behind them and they fight. Ramona beats up Rox with her baseball bat. Roxanne says she's holding back because she's still in love with Ramona, but Ramona simply says it's because she's a lousy excuse for a ninja. Roxanne says "half-ninja."

Later on, Ramona mentions that Roxanne is an artist and has her own gallery opening tonight on Queen Street and that she was considering going. Scott is disgusted, seeing as Roxanne is trying to kill him. Scott mentions that his lease up is pretty soon. Ramona hesitantly suggests that he move in with her. Scott is most pleased.

At Sneaky Dee's, the group hang out. Scott asks what's up to Young Neil, only to have Neil aggressively respond saying that they never hang out with him. It's because they're currently recording their songs, yet not playing any gigs. Lisa acts weird and eventually leaves for the bathroom. Outside, Ramona asks Scott what the deal between her and Lisa is, he insists that there is and was nothing. Ramona's head starts glowing and grumpily storms off. Scott takes a deep breath and yells after her.

Scott heads home, turns on the light and to his horror there's a naked man with Wallace. Scott says he can't unsee that. Wallace tells him that he was fired from his job, and that he'd give him cab fare to go somewhere else. Scott rummages through the contents of his pockets:

Candy Wrapper
Couch with dog face
Also Lint
$10 (From Wallace)
Single Penny
Guitar Pick

Unravelling the ??? scrunched up piece of paper, it is revealed to be Lisa Miller's phone number. Scott screams loudly, takes a breath, then continues screaming.

Lisa's sister's apartment. 2am-ish.

[edit] Part 24 - Terrible Vision

[edit] Part 25 - Still Getting It Together

[edit] Pop-culture References

  • Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together opening title image is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as seen here.
  • Scott's dream sequence is a reference to The Legend of Zelda, seen here.
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