Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Book)

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.jpg
Volume 2
Written By Bryan Lee O'Malley
Publisher Oni Press
Publication Date June 2005
ISBN 1932664122

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is the second volume or installment of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. It was published in 2005 and the movie adaption uses the name of this book, despite it having content on all six.


[edit] Plot

[edit] Part 6 - The New Kid

This chapter opens with Scott Pilgrim 7 years ago at "St. Joel's Catholic High School" in Northern Ontario. He gets in a fight (an "awesome" fight) 15 minutes into arriving with three bullies, and loses. While waiting outside the Principals Office, he meets a girl called Lisa Miller who considers Scott to be "awesome," and the two quickly becomes friends.

We learn that Scott has no friends in this town yet, and Lisa visits him while he's playing video-games, although he doesn't want to be friends with her. They hang out at high-school during lunch but Scott hates being bothered, even while eating. Scott says his mum packs his lunch for him, as he never buys lunch from the cafeteria. After school, Lisa asks Scott if he hates her, though we never see his reply.

At home, his parents assume Lisa is Scott's girlfriend against his protests that she is not. Lisa learns from Scott that his parents don't want him hanging out with girls. Lisa remember that Scott's mum has a guitar, and suggests they start a band for "Lunchapalooza." They realize that they need a drummer however. At school, Scott is partnered up with a girl named Kim Pine for a classroom activity. He draws her a (very poor) sheep. At a school performance, Scott sees Kim playing drums and mentions her to Lisa. Scott tells Lisa that he will ask Kim to join the and on Monday.

Scott arrives at high school the next day (late, as he missed the bus) and discovers that the Benvie Tech boys have kidnapped Kim. He heads to Benvie Tech High School and defeats everyone in his path. He reaches the roof, where the leader (Simon Lee) awaits, with Kim chained to a wall. Simon and Scott have an epic battle which Scott wins, and kicks Simon off the roof into the distance. In truly epic fashion, Scott asks Kim to date him and join his band, to which she says yes to both. His band, named Sonic & Knuckles, practice and eventually play at Lunchapalooza. However, Scott then moves to Toronto, leaving Kim behind. At that point, Scott snaps out of his dream.

[edit] Part 7 - Dating a High Schooler, Part II

Scott is confused

Scott and Wallace Wells are on the bus. Scott reveals his lack of knowledge of celebrities when he gets mixed up between Luke Wilson and Lucas Lee, he asks Wallace if Luke Wilson was someone in a band he played a show with last week. Scott says he is inviting Ramona Flowers over for dinner so that Wallace can meet her, though he says he has already met her through Scott's sister. Wallace gives Scott an Ultimatum: Break up with Knives Chau, or he will tell Ramona all about her. Scott gets off at Bloor and Bathurst and calls Knives from a pay-phone, even though it turns out she's actually already there.

Knives tells Scott that she's in love with him, which Scott replies by saying they should break up. Knives is distraught, Scott is sad on the bus until he thinks of Ramona and then starts smiling. His band asks where Knives is, and Scott tells them that he broke up with, but that they'd meet his new girlfriend soon. He changes the subject by saying he learnt the bass line from Final Fantasy II, but they all glare at him.

Ramona arrives for dinner, revealing a new haircut (she changes her hair often) which Wallace considers to be "thoroughly hip." Scott shows Ramona around the flat, even though it consists of one room and a bathroom. Scott and Ramona make out in bed, and Ramona comments on his hair saying that it's getting long. Scott freaks out, seeing as 431 days ago his previous girlfriend broke up with him which he blames on his haircut at the time.

[edit] Part 8 - The Late Scott Pilgrim

Kim dreams of Scott being killed. His funeral is kind of sad. Sort of.

Kim gets ready and heads to work at No-Account Video. Kim hates everyone, including Hollie, her work colleague. Scott walks in the door to rent some films. Kim declines him, seeing as Scott and Stephen Stills have $1000 in late fees between them. The reason for Scott wanting to hire these films is because they all have Lucas Lee, the actor in them. Lucas is Ramona's 2nd Evil Ex-Boyfriend and he has to train by watching his films. It is revealed to Kim that the story as to how Scott ended up living with Wallace, his cool gay room-mate is very gay. Apparently Lucas Lee is evil because he's a sellout, or he's a sellout because he's evil.

Ramona visits Coffee Agent, the coffee shop that Stacey Pilgrim, Scott's sister works at. Scott has an ominous feeling all of a sudden for reasons he doesn't know why. Wallace tells Scott some info on Lucas Lee: He's a pro skater turned movie star. Wallace tells Scott to do 500 push-ups, which he does.

On the bus with Ramona, Scott tells her he wrote a song for her.




Meanwhile, Knives calls Scott's flat and Wallace picks up. She tells him that they were going to have coffee or something. She asks if she could hang out there until he got back, as it turns out she was outside their door throughout the phone call. Wallace tells her that she has to go.

Scott and Ramona arrive home and watch Lucas' films on TV. Lucas Lee looked like a whiny little greasy-headed Skater in high school. Ramona calls Scott lame, and tells him to turn the movie off.

[edit] Part 9 - As Long as the Road Lacks Perspective

Learn to cook a Vegan Shepherds Pie

Scott receives a phonecall from his parents while in bed who are currently in Rome.

Ramona and Scott meet up with Scott's friends, whom Ramona meets for the first time. Ramona and Kim meet for the first time, though Kim appears to be cold towards her. They're cooking Vegan Shepherds Pie, the book even includes a recipe! (kids don't try this at home without permission and supervision from your parents!) Kim tells Ramona that her and Scott dated in high school. They eat together, while Knives is outside the window clearly stalking Scott.

Knives buys hair dye from the supermarket and calls Tamara Chen for a shoulder to cry on. She whines about how Scott is seeing Ramona, a "fat ass hipster chick," and asks Tamara to help her bleach her hair. It's bleached red and she vows to take Ramona out of the picture.

Back at Ramona's apartment, Scott is introduced to her kitty. She says Scott's house is a hole, and proceeds to write a list as to why it's a hole:

Things that are not cool about Scott's apartment
1. Only one room
2. Only one bed and it's shared with a gay man
3. No NATURAL light
4. Tiny bathroom
5. Tiny kitchen
6. All items in the apartment belong to the gay man
Scott almost obtains a Mithril Skateboard

She tells him that it's a sucky little hole in the ground. It's revealed that Ramona smoked until College, to Scott's disgust. Ramona and Lucas Lee took drama at high school together.

Wallace and Scott head to Casa Loma together, a castle in Canada, for Scott's fight with Lucas. As soon as Scott mentions his name to Lucas, he punches him square in the face and swings him by the legs into the castle tower. He wakes up, and Lucas and Scott talk about Ramona. Apparently Ramona cheated on Lucas. Lucas explains that there is a league, The League of Ramona's Evil Ex-Boyfriends. Lucas is about to destroy Scott, but before he does Scott asks Lucas to perform one final trick for him before he dies. Scott asks Lucas to skateboard down a rails of 200 steps. He takes up the challenge, skateboards too fast and hits the bottom where he disintegrates, effectively being defeated. Scott wins by default.

Lucas' pile of coins leftover from his defeat amounts to approximately fourteen dollars in coins. An item box suddenly appear, from which Lucas receives a Mithril Skateboard (which would give +4 speed, +3 kick, +1 will), but Scott cries out that he can't use it and never picked Skateboard Proficiency in grade five. The skateboard vanishes.

[edit] Part 10 - Nothing's Ever Over

Knives Chau is crouched on the shopping mall roof like a ninja with her scarf blowing in the wind. Meanwhile, Scott walks into Second Cup, the coffee shop where Scott's sister works at only to find she isn't there and has already left with Ramona. Stacey's work colleague Julie Powers tells him he gave his new number to his Ex, Natalie Adams. He runs from the shop with his ears covered screaming "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

Ramona and Stacey are in the shopping mall trying to figure out where Ramona is meant to deliver her parcel. They drop it off at the help desk, and as they approach the elevators Ramona notices Knives dropping down on her wielding dual knives, ironically enough. Ramona strolls off to the side and pulls a metal pole out of the ground and uses it to deflect Knives' attack. Confused, Ramona asks Knives' if Gidgeon sent her. Knives' remembers Ramona from the library and exclaims that Scott was cheating on her. She launches an attack and yells who she is and that she is a "Scottoholic." She grazes Knives' and runs away. Ramona wonders "what kind of idiot would knowingly date a girl named Knives?"

Back home, Scott receives a phone call. One that he's shocked to receive. The girl who called him is called Envy, and she asks Scott if he's seeing anyone. Wallace arrives home to find Scott on the floor. Scott manages to utter out who called him, to which Wallace replies, "shit."

[edit] Part 11 - Things Keep Happening

Reference to Super Mario

Scott receives a call from his sister, who tells him about the fight between Knives and Ramona. Disappointed that he missed the fight, he spills his hot cocoa. It turns out Envy is Scotts previous girlfriend, and she wants Scott's band Sex Bob-omb to open for her own band, The Clash at Demonhead.

At a concert, we find out that Stephen has gotten a haircut. The band also spot Knives, who is now dating Young Neil, they think it'll be a brief relationship. Hollie and her room-mate Joseph are at the concert too, because of Josephs crush on the Bass Player of The Clash at Demonhead. Monique and Sandra, old classmates of Scott are there too and meet Ramona. Sandra asks if they're an item, to which Scott is confused and imagines a mushroom, starman and fireflower.

The Clash at Demonhead take the stage, and we see Envy for the first time. However, Ramona points out the boy playing Bass next to him. His name is Todd Ingram, and he's Ramona's third Evil Ex-Boyfriend.

[edit] Pop-culture References

  • Lunchapalooza is a reference to "lollapalooza," a famous annual music festival.
  • Sonic & Knuckles refers to the Sonic the Hedgehog video-game series, Knuckles is an echidna and a supporting character.
  • Mushroom, Starman and Fire Flower are all from the video game series Super Mario, Scott imagines them when him and Ramona are referred to as "an item."
  • 'The Clash at Demonhead is a reference to NES game, Clash at Demonhead. It may also take inspiration from punk band, "The Clash."
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