Sex Bob-omb

Sex Bob-omb
Sexbobom Intro.png
Sex Bob-omb are introduced
Members Stephen Stills (Lead Guitarist/Singer)
Scott Pilgrim (Bass Guitar)
Kim Pine (Drums)
First Introduced Volume 1

[edit] About

Launchpad McQuack

Sex Bob-omb is Scott Pilgrim's band. Stephen Stills is the talent, and does vocals and lead guitar, and Kim Pine is on drums, while Scott plays Bass Guitar.

Supposedly they're an average band, Scott's girlfriend Ramona Flowers doesn't actually like their band, nor does William Wallace. They aren't very popular, though they do get gigs and play at venues. Currently they are recording an album in Joseph's room which houses a recording studio, which means they're practising less and getting rusty. Even Joseph mentioned how awful they sounded.

Their greatest fan was Young Neil, however, when Knives Chau first heard their music, she had stars in her eyes and has since become their greatest fan. This could be because she's in love with Scott.

The name references Bob-omb, a walking bomb enemy in the Super Mario series, and it could either reference the song Sex Bomb by Tom Jones, or the band The Sex Pistols.

[edit] Band Members

[edit] Songs

  • Launchpad McQuack (unofficial name)
  • Kim's Song - Graphic Novel
  • Erasmus the Enchanter - Graphic Novel
  • Herself The Elf - Graphic Novel
  • We Are Sex Bob-Omb! - Movie
  • Garbage Truck - Movie
  • Threshold - Movie
  • Summertime - Movie
  • No Fun - Movie
  • Indefatigable - Movie
  • Disgusting Rainbow - Unreleased
  • Gasoline Eyes - Unreleased
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